No Puppet

is Dumber

than its



Curated section of

'Invisible Hand: Curating As Gesture' The second CAFA Museum Biennale, Beijing, 2014



The section looked at the idea of the curator as being between the role of puppet and puppeteer in staging the exhibition. In the show, works both reflected and framed the audiences, creating a doubling of exhibition and theatre in which the visitor could move between observations of the art and of those looking at it, informed by the content of the selected works. It included a large cabinet display project, produced from a curatorial workshop with students from the Central Academy of Fine Art to discuss the nature of curating and hanging of displays, while at the same time producing a performative work authored by the curator.


Two essays accompanied the exhibition 'When Was Curating?' on curatorial practice and its contemporary nature, and 'No Puppet is Dumber than its Puppeteer' exploring ideas of control and agency through the motif of the puppet as a metaphor in different fields.