Moon Salt

Opening | 15 April, 7pm
Live exhibition | 16 & 17 April, 11am - 7pm

Moon Salt is a collaborative time machine that borrows lunar orbits to arrive in Chthulucene, a speculative future of sympoiesis. The collective thinking process through the project aims to compose new mythologies to tell the stories of holobionts and disrupted boundaries between living entities, re-imagining kin-making beyond the entanglement of matter and organisms. What will be the new orders for worlding and evolution when the ethics that govern species, reproduction, family and society are archaic and displaced, and God is no longer a capitalist? Moon Salt may respond to these questions while proposing what the Lunarpunk could be…

In collaboration with Moss Piglets, Moon Salt is a live exhibition resulting from a three-day workshop with themes ranging from micropia and cryptobiosis, yesterdays and tomorrows, and new senses and consciousness at the edge of the Anthropocene. 

Note: The terms Chthulucene, sympoiesis and kin-making are sourced from Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene by Donna J. Haraway.

Curated by Esther Lu with initiators: Hou I-Ting, lololol, Tan Zi Hao, and Tzu-An Wu, it is developed jointly by the participants: Colectivo amasijo, Ashley Michelle Casillas, Darinko Chimal, Lucía Hinojosa Gaxiola, Carla Lamoyi, Panósmico, Frank Steinhofer, Charlie Godet Thomas and many other creative souls passing by on this allied path. 

Coordination: Cristina Medellín

Assistance: Fernanda Barreto

Edit and translation: Carla Lamoyi, Michael Mariaud Garcia

Production: Lauri Abad, Ollin Miranda, Todo Woooow

Documentation: Cristina Medellín, Ollin Miranda

Moon Salt is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan.


Sabino 276

Santa Maria la Ribera

Mexico City