Camila Arroyo

Renata Pereira Lima

Ana G. Zambrano

April 30 & May 1, 2021


In search of expanding the limits of choreography, the notion of architectural body-space is explored, and the creation and improvisation of movement is activated.

The exploration results in a site-specific performative piece, based on Vernacular's layout and architecture, which also integrates sculptural resources as part of this search.

Camila Arroyo is a movement artist, choreographer, performer, and movement director. Her work seeks to expand the notions of the choreographic byway of the body, critical theory and expanded video, that always traversed by interdisciplinary collaboration. 

Renata Pereira Lima is a Cuban/Brazilian choreographer whose practice explores the body as a vessel of reactionary and archivable phenomena through dance performances, gestures, in-situ investigations, performance, and video-making.

Ana G. Zambrano develops her practice in live art as a choreographer, dancer and educator, where improvisation is the transversal line of an expanded investigation. Taking the media of performance, video and teaching, she considers them as an open territories for the hybridization of languages. 


Sabino 276

Santa Maria la Ribera

Mexico City