Ben Woodeson’s interests focus on material possibilities and the concept of accountability. Primarily employing locally available industrial materials and found objects, he examines basic physical ideas such as balance and fragility to create precarious works that straddle the line between existence and non-existence. These material experimentations become Woodeson’s distinct aesthetically minimal installations and sculptures that frequently inhabit an interstice between stability and self-destruction.

Woodeson is interested in diverse ways that individuals and groups choose to behave when confronted by problematic artefacts within a supposedly safe environment. By frequently employing sharp-edged materials including sheet glass and steel, his work’s relationship with the viewer is symbiotic; the works can easily be damaged by a misstep, and yet the viewer is equally vulnerable to damage from the sharp edges and poised weight within the works.

Inherently, the pieces contain elements of a subtle gendered humour, slightly malign and yet they are not traps that exist to harm. Instead, Woodeson’s work raises questions and thoughts of possible consequences of the artworks own equilibrium being disrupted. The works occupy a simultaneous moment of both before and after; an existence loaded with potential energy and consequent possibilities. 

A One Day Exhibition by Ben Woodeson

9 Dec 2017, Sat 12 - 5pm

Moments of Almost