David takes a key role through the four mockumentaries in ‘Tell Me What You Want’ the film project by Yu. He tells his stories about exotic encounters with the idea of relationship exchanges in Manila. Natasha, an indefinite soulful being, is (re)shaped from past tense to future scenario in Olvera’s artistic observations through his project ‘Will you respond to my beckoning, Edgar Poet?’, creating a memorised index where context becomes content in a literal sense.

“David: Tell me what you want?” by Yu

“Natasha:I am dead. My eyes have remained forever open.” by Olvera

Focusing on meta language, the concept of the verb’s portrait is a wig, as well as the traces of unknown facts, depicts possible ways to space-out. This takes artists’ self projected third-person characters from their fictional narratives into reality.

Breaking the relational settings between body, soul, flesh and spirit, the artists’ imagination are weathered in a mirror relation, yet distance themselves from the ambiguous trans-subjectivity in their own imaginary contexts. The two figures become linked through the artists’ performative approaches. The linking verb between David and Natasha is ‘portray’.

A Nocturnal Performative Salon by Yu Cheng-Ta & Isaac Olvera

Opening: 16 November 2017, Thursday 8pm | Screening: 17 - 19 November by appointment

#4 the verb’s portrait is a wig