Yu Cheng-Ta (b.1983, based in Taipei) works mainly in video and moving image that usually adapting a playful approach to language in his works. His practice deals with the interstitial gaps and humorous misunderstandings that arise when different languages and cultures collide. By focusing on the verbal and body language of the performers and interviewees, Yu investigates differences between culture, language and identity. (More)

Su Hui-Yu (b.1976, based in Taipei) is especially fascinated by the intricate tapestry interwoven by images, media, history, and daily life. In his videos, Su explores both mass media’s impact on viewers, and the projection of viewers’ thoughts and desires onto the media. Su draws from his experiences of being surrounded by cinema, TV culture, advertisement, state apparatuses and terrorism that affect relations between self and other, the body, projection of desires, and illusion and reality. (More)

Chang Wen-Hsuan (b.1991, based in Taipei) is focused on performance through narrative and puppetry (animation) to explore the relationship between individual and historical narratives. She is concerned with how the individual inserts the self into various narrative structures; or conversely, the ways in which various narrative structures conceal personal voices, and how various historical writings determine individual lives. Her personal "storytelling" becomes an internally woven escape (liberation) route; fiction, because it s political. (More)

River Lin (b.1984, based in Paris) practice includes site-specific performance, live art, theatre, dance, and installation. Lin takes cultural studies as a point of departure. The everyday and ritualistic of specific cultural contexts, the relationship between the body and spatial-temporal movements, and the bodily form between dance and performance art are the central concerns in Lin’s live art and curatorial practice. (More)

Cheng Yi-Ping aka Betty Apple (b.1986, based in Taipei)  is a sound artist, electronic composer and DJ, and her practice is mainly in live art, sound art and video.  Using sound and body as her artistic approach,  the concept of her works is rooted from the postcolonial surrounding she originally comes from. By desecratng the imaginary historical burden and false symbols of race and history with the fictional intercontextuality, Cheng intends to break the control of industrial civilisation and to deconstruct the order of new world. (More)