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ABOUT Vernacular Institute is an independent art organisation. After two years working in Taiwan, it relocated to Mexico City in 2017.

At the new project space the Vernacular Institute's projects include performances and events, a residency programme and an artist book reading room.

Its residency projects supports international artists in research during their stay which are presented in events in the project space. It also supports artists in producing offsite projects.

There after Here: Performing a Verb, an art and cultural exchanges projects between Taiwan and Latin America. This project is a collaborative programme to develop bilateral cultural exchange between Taiwan and Mexico with the aim of building a long term dialogue between artists in the Latin American region and Taiwan, and to promote profound mutual understanding in such areas as culture, history and social development. The core concept focuses on a performative approach to cultural exchange. Artists include Su Hui-Yu, Yu Cheng-Ta, River Lin, Chang Wen Hsuan, Betty Apple and curator Meiya Cheng.

The project is for field research towards a series events presented by Perros Negros in Mexico and TCAC in Taiwan in the period Jul – Nov 2017, and is supported by Ministry of Culture Taiwan.

Vernacular Institute has commissioned a special edition box set by artist Cheng-Te Chin for the Index Art Book Fair, alongside bootleg mixes by Dawang Huang and Gareth Long.

NEWS Vernacular Institute has relocated to Mexico City. Follow us on our FB Page for latest project news.