Parallel to the curatorial programme, Vernàcular opens its doors to artists, musicians, and practitioners from different fields to host live sessions with experimental sound and music, performance, book presentations, and other events that share the DIY mentality of self-organisation at the programme’s heart.

Vernācular has welcomed: Passepartout Duo, La Bruja de Texcoco, Mabe Fratti, Joanna Mattrey; VOLTA, Juanjosé Rivas and their gang; Gibrán Andrade, Misha Marks, Amanda Irarrazabal, Carlos Alegre and their folks; Cámilo Ángeles, Ernesto del Puerto, Emiliano Cruz and their mates; Gato Negro, Victoria Núñez and their pals, and many others.

VOLTA sessions at Vernacular, 2021 – NOW

Book performance/presentation CASA CUERPO LIBRO FORMA by Victoria Núñez Estrada in collaboration with Erik Tlaseca and Jysus Ramírez, 2022

Passepartout Duo performed SOUND COMMONS at Vernacular, 2022