APR, 2017


Lengua Negra Box Set Special Edition is a book commission of a special edition box set by artist Cheng-Te Chin (the Spring Grass Arts Academy) for participating in Index Art Book Fair 2017. The box set contains the fragments that specify in the grand narrative of the geographical fieldwork. Each of the series has a particular collection of the world's epochs with a focus of cold war represented in the box. 

草根 means native, local and it has the concept of vernacular.

革命島 is Revolution Island.

書香島 is literary Island.

邊界之間 is In Between the Borders.

例外之境 is The Place of Exception

時代 means time and era. It is the same name of TIME and it also borrows the concept of it.

Cheng-Te Chin was a pivotal figure in the historical student movement of the Department of Fine Art at the Chinese Culture University that occurred in 1994. The event prompted Chin to establish the “The Spring Grass Arts Academy” which produces box set publications carrying the postcard images appropriated from Taiwanese historical artifacts and documents. Chin lives and works in Taipei