9 AUG, 2019


Special thanks to Anna Karina Lawson,

Michy Marxuach, Matilsha Marxuach,

Manuel Mendoza and Cristina Núñez.

Being Word conveys the idea with individual and collective voice in the context of resistance with a close encounter between Taiwan and Puerto Rico. Hosted by Diagonal and initiated by Vernacular and Pazmaker, it presents Suitcase Book Club, Vernacular Screening, Hearing Bar, Turn-on mic, and DJ Payola Isabel.

The Suitcase Book Club presents four different published projects: 

Black Language Box Set Special Edition by artist Cheng-Te Chin (The Spring Grass Arts Academy). The box set contains the fragments of an archive specialized in the grand narrative of the geographical fieldwork in East Asia. Each of the series has a particular collection of world’s epoch with a focus on the Cold War. 

Black Language: five verbs, two adjectives, and one noun is published by Vernacular Institute as an alternative institutional yearbook in a form of reflective writing. 

Everyone pays by Valentina Jaeger, is a poster, a script of a speaking workshop, based on the idea that all languages have a particular value system.

Pazmaker edited by Adriana Lara together with occasional guest editors, is a low-budget annual publication in the form of a text collage with works on text, existing and specially commissioned for each issue by artists coming from different fields and backgrounds. Combining both Spanish and English, the layout works as a mapping of authors and topics associated with the artist.

Vernacular Screening presents a selection of video works that surrounds the idea of imaginary institutions as a way of resistance, deconstructing ideology, and revisiting historical narratives. The program includes the work of Tsui Kuang-Yu, Yin-Ju Chen, Jun Yang, Yu Cheng-Ta, Wu Chi-Yu and  Hsu Chia-Wei.

Hearing Bar is a performance project looking at the narrative interpretation between the written text and spoken word. The short sci-fi fictional writing by Esther Lu “Almost dry enough” was selected as a script for actor Victor Colón to deliver the performance while serving drinks at the bar. 

Turn-on mic is an open mic, as an element in the event that allows space for improvisation in parallel to the rest of the activities in the space, a platform of expression, be it verbal, musical or performative, open to the attendees of the event.

Interspersed in between all of the above, Payola Isabel’s set is introduced in this layout, as the live soundtrack to what will be a cycle of expected and unexpected happenings.