26 – 27 NOV, 2022


Coordination: Carla Lamoyi

Assistance: Laurie Abad

Edit and translation: Ashley Michelle Casillas, Carla Lamoyi

Documentation: Djahel Vinaver

Apuntes para una banda de viento [Notes for a Wind Band] is a transdisciplinary and collaborative project since 2018, between the band Mixanteña de Santa Cecilia and the choreographer Katia Castañeda. Developing from written, sonorous, and choreographic material, it speaks to the significance of tradition and cultural legacy. The objective brings up the various symbolic, conceptual, and imaginary elements about the formation of musical bands, gender (since there are few traditional bands with women participants), and culture. Furthermore, it reflects upon the influence of music and dance as collective organizers.

Apuntes para una banda de viento explores collective concerns and links performance with the interpretation of traditional music through a choreographic concept. It intends to exercise the departures from the body as the fundamental axis to practice different possibilities of encounter, trust, and freedom with the environment. Throughout this, a research process shapes the necessity for the team and the presentation space.

*Apuntes para una banda de viento, has been presented at the Festival por la Igualdad Tiempo de Mujeres, Salón los Ángeles and Casa del Lago, UNAM, 2019; at the Festival Danza en Libertad, danza UNAM, 2021; and was part of a artistic residency in Casa del Lago, UNAM, 2022 to work in situ and elaborate new material.

Katia Castañeda is an artist who works in the intersection of various disciplines and practices ranging from choreography, theater and visual arts. She is interested in the social and artistic ties that are generated in everyday life and thinking about alternative forms of creation. Her recent works have been presented in different forums, plazas and museums in Mexico, Colombia and the United States. She was artist-in-residence at Movement Research, New York, 2012-2014. She was a fellow of the Creadores Escénicos [Scenic Creators] program in the interdisciplinary category, 2019-2020, and of the Jóvenes Creadores [Young Creators] program, 2009-2010. She is currently a member of the neuroperformance collective TACo, Transdisciplina, Arte y Cognición [Transdiscipline, Art and Cognition].

Mixanteña de Santa Cecilia is a traditional music band founded in 2011, that performs different musical genres that are played along the coast and coastal-mountains of Guerrero: chilenas, sones, cumbias, boleros, corridos, jarabes, palomos and merequetengues; mainly from the me'phaa peoples (Tierra Colorada, Santa Cruz del Rincón, Azoyú) and from the ñomn'daa people (Xochistlahuaca). In the villages, this music is transmitted orally from generation to generation, and in that same manner, this is how the band has learned. Mixanteña is a unique band that understands the importance of tradition, but at the same time is receptive and open to spreading their knowledge and connecting with those traditions from the present and current context.