28 – 30 APR, 2022



Assistance: Sofía Hinojosa, Rodrigo Lhez

Translation: Carla Lamoyi

Documentation: Aimée Suárez

Exercising Consent is a performance by Vanessa Lodigiani. Consent is understood as when one person agrees to or gives permission to another person to do something. Consent means agreeing to an action based on your knowledge of what that action involves, its likely consequences and having the option of saying no. The absence of no does not mean yes. Consent is about clear and open communication.

Together with the participating audience, Exercising Consent mediates on the idea of consent, its significance and how it is acted out in any given situation. Through question and response, affirmation and negation, Exercising Consent explores the feelings and choices behind these answers in order to become more conscious. In her performance, Lodigiani, places herself in the position of the consent giver, exercising her freedom to say yes or no to the petitions the participants make, thereby displaying the possibilities that these requests might bring to the table.

The off-site performance will take place in a storefront on Sabino in Santa María la Ribera. Within this interactive space, there will be a seesaw in the centre which acts as the channel of communication for this one-to-one performance. Am I ok with a no? Does a yes empower me? Does a no relieve me? Was this an exercise in consent? What is consent?

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Vanessa Lodigiani is a Mexican painter and performance artist. With interests in philosophy and a past in psychoanalysis, her work fundamentally circles around human existence, using gender, historical and cultural elements as points of reference for the development of her work. Lodigiani has commented that she “uses the human body as a vessel as well as the interpretation and use of signs and symbols in contemporary popular culture.” Drawn by the mystery of the duality inherent in all things, her practice focuses on that force which is both movement and unity, a tension between opposing forces, the motor that is the energy of life itself, its fleeting balance, and the transcendence and presence of matter.